Retire At 55 And Live To 80; Work Till You’re 65 And Die At 67. Startling New Data Shows How Work Pounds Older Bodies.

A lot of people is intimidated by retirement. Retirement was ranked as number 10 on a list of 43 life events that can make people most stress. Retirement may not sound exactly like the paradise you dreamed to be with declining health and increased limitations.

There is one amazing benefit that you should know, while retirement may not be complete paradise.

Retirement And Health

We all know that when we’re getting old, our health declines too. The good news is that retirement has shown to considerably improve a person’s health.

There is conflicting proof on whether or not retirement affects it for the better or worse when it comes to physical health. According to some studies, there is a positive correlation, negative too. There is a very definite connection when it comes to mental health and for these main reasons,

No work, no stress.

All the strain and stress that comes with work is stripped away when you get retired. And you’ll be left with much more laid back and relax in life.

More sleep. 

The best solution to everything health-wise is sleep. I retirement, you don’t go anywhere early in the morning, you don’t work late on overtime, so you can have a better sleep. When you have more sleep you have a much more rested mind.

Physical activity. 

You can turn to physical activities like hiking, yoga, or tennis to fill the extra hours when you are left with more free time on hand. Physical activity is great food for the brain.

Make Your Retired Life Your Best Life

Retirement may improve your mental health, but it’s not worth if you can’t truly enjoy the retired life. Retirement can be a pretty difficult transition as much as people look forward to it.

Here are some facts that can make that transition just a little easier.

01 Keep Making Friends

It’s really good to strengthening your social network at any time of life. Be with your friends and colleagues, and try to meet them whenever you get a chance.

02 Keep Learning

You can keep your mind and brain healthy and active every day by learning a new thing. There are many ways of learning and growing.

03 Find Something To Work For

Even though it’s a relief to give up your job, it will be a drastic change to become completely empty. So, find some kind of hobby that you can dedicate some time to and really enjoy and be creative.

The Adventure Of Retirement

You can make your mental health better than it’s ever been in retirement. You’ll also make time to make new friends and start new hobbies. Make your retirement one of life’s greatest adventures.

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