Repair The Joints And Remove The Pain Of Your Knees By Using 2 Eggs

Our knees are the most important joints in our whole body as they are supporting us to stand straight, walk, run, sit and many other movements we are doing every day.

If our knees get inflamed, we have to deal with such a hard situation and it will also decrease our mobility. You should treat soon as possible if you suffer with this inflammation as that’s the only way to avoid the damage that can be done to them.

Here we are going to show you a very important natural remedy that is able to soothe the knee pain in a matter of minutes. Remember that knee pain can be caused from overweight, injuries, excessive effort and arthritis. Here is the recipe below.


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • Elastic bandage


You have to beat the egg yolk and mix it with the salt.

How to use it?

Apply some of the mixture on a cotton pad and put it directly on the painful knee, and rap with the elastic bandage to secure it.

You should keep the cotton pad for 2 hours to act.

Do this method with compresses 4 times on daily basis.

How does it work?

The pain which occurred from the inflammation can be soothed with the magnesium. Magnesium is present in big amounts in the salt.

The egg yolk is able to go through our skin, and strengthen our tissues, ligaments and bones as it contains a lot of proteins and minerals.


By placing an ice pack on the knee for a short period also can treat and soothe the pain in the knee. But, apply the ice pack maximum 5 times on daily basis.

You can also soothe the inflammation and improve the circulation of your knees using mustard essential oil.

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