Read the Story of the Fern and the Bamboo When You Want to Give Up!

Life isn’t full with flowers. We have to face many problems in every single day. You may have to fight with bad surprises when you least expect it. That pain will lead you to an unhappy and mediocrity life.

We all have to face different challenges, hard situations and obstacles in our life. What you do with what happens to you that determines where you’ll end up, what you’ll have and how you’ll be transformed by your experiences really makes the difference in your life.

You’ll learn that there’s no common path to success and you don’t need to give up or quit just because you’ve not achieved something from this story.

One day, a man decided that he had had enough of everything and went to wood to have the last conversation with God. He said, “God, could you give me a good reason not to give up?”

God said, “Look around you, do you see the bamboo and the fern?”

“Yes,” the man answered.

“When I planted the bamboo and the fern, I took good care of them. I gave them sunlight, water, and food. I also protected them from storms. The fern grew from the earth and its beautiful fronds quickly covered the forest floor. But, nothing came from the bamboo seed. However, I didn’t quit it.

In the 2nd year, the fern grew more splendidly than before, but nothing came from the bamboo seed. However, I didn’t quit on it. In the 3rd year, nothing came from the bamboo seed. However, I didn’t quit. In the 4th year, although there was still nothing from it, I didn’t quit.

In the 5th year, a small sprout emerged from the earth. It was smaller than the fern. However, day by day it grew and within 6 months, the bamboo cane had risen to a height of a hundred feet. It had spent the 5 years growing roots, which made it strong as well as gave it what it needed to survive. I would never give my creations a challenge they couldn’t handle.

All this time you’ve been growing and struggling. You’ve been growing the roots that you need to produce your own fruit. You should never compare yourself to anyone, because all of my creations have different timescales, different journeys, and different purposes. As you can see, the fern had a different purpose from the bamboo. So, if you don’t give up, you’ll rise high,” God said.

Then the man asked, “How high will I rise?”

God answered, “How high will the bamboo rise?”

“As high as possible?” the man replied.

“Yes,” God said.

Then realizing that God would never give up on anyone he left the forest.


Even though it may be annoying, challenging, painful, don’t give up on anything because the final product is priceless.

Don’t get surprise or afraid when tribulations come over your way because there are necessary for you to shaped and strengthened. The god will give you challenges to strengthen and become confidence. But, if you don’t realize that you’re equipped to overcome the challenge, the discouragement may occur.

So, don’t give up. Believe in yourself, your goals and dreams. You’ll definitely have a better future if you don’t give up on the hardest situation.

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