What does the size of your pinky finger say about you?

What does the size of your pinky finger say about you?

Have you ever wondered why does our little finger vary? If   it has nothing to do, why didn’t all of us had the same size? Further study of palmistry reveals three types of different people according to the size of your pinky finger. Through the size of our pinky finger we can learn about our personality. Pinky finger shows quiet lot about it.


You belong to the first kind of personality, if your pinky finger reaches to the first line (from top) of your ring finger. This shows that you have a very balanced life. You manage off to everything in a sorted manner. You are an organized person. You need everything neatly and kept in proper places. You don’t want to be in noisy places. You are away from chaos and if there’s something that gets on your nerves, it’s the disequilibrium in life.

You are also calm in your thoughts. You think and tend to make the right decision. You are also emotionally, sexually and intellectually balanced. You never go to judge others. You only Ming about yourself. You understand things better before you come to a conclusion. You have a strong confidence about yourself. You know always you’re doing the right thing and that what always makes you special from others.


You belong to Type B if your little finger falls just short of the first line of your ring finger. What it means is that there’s more to you than meets the eye. You are very emotional, sensitive. You trust people easily and go to help them anytime. You trust them more than yourself. . You get hurt from people you trust the most. But that is also your weakness, you get really hurt when someone close to you says or does something you didn’t expect of them.

On the other hand, you tend towards being an empath. Your nature allows you to understand the emotions of others and, more often than not, you understand people by placing yourself in their shoes. You want to share their sadness and happiness together. You know others by being them. This is what makes you a rarity, someone so incredibly human that people can’t help but speak to you. Always be the person you are because there are less people who can laugh and cry with others and share the warmth it needs. People getting your affection may appreciate it.


You belong to Type C if your little finger reaches just beyond the first line of your ring finger. What it means is that you are the sort of person who always gives more than what’s required of you. You are to give more to other from what they deserve. Sharing is a good habit.  Be it your profession, your life or romance, you are the sort of person who would always give more than you have and that is what makes you so incredibly different and rare. Not the one to hold back on love, your unconditional generosity is what drives you from within. Being generous helps you to help other and find what their likes and wants are. Remember the key is that, the more you give is the more you get.

You are a very protective person. You do not discard others secrets. You are also a tactful person. You are not the one to be swayed easily by people. The only thing you care is about the fairness. You never like to be cheated because you never treat other in a bad manner. This is something you must for there’s nothing that you won’t do for them. Though you give without asking, you need love and kindness in return as well. And while you may not ask for it, you’d always find yourself closer to people who understand your nature and love you for who you are and not for who they think you are.

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