Pictures Of Gorgeous VW Beetle Art Paintings Painted On VW Minibus

The VW Beetle could be the most iconic Volkswagen car ever and it has run out of production this year. The minibus, also called the ‘The Transporter’ can remind of another of Volkswagen’s most iconic transport vehicles. In 1950, this bus started its production. And in the 60s had this became the ‘ultimate’ hippie car. This is the vehicle which you can see in ‘Scooby Dooby Doo’.

A Dutch entrepreneur, Ben Pon created this bus after seeing the Beetle in 1947. Then he thought of expanding the design to compensate for the greater demand for minibuses. Once the Volkswagen expanded upon the original idea by 1950, the iconic bus started to roam in the city.

This has many names such as ‘Combi’, ‘Bulli’ (in Germany) throughout the years. This car also was the hippie car which transported people to anti-war concerts and rallies in the USA.

There are many interesting murals all over the car which was painted by the owners. The iconic ‘VW’ sign was replaced with a peace sign by some people. But Phil Patton claimed that Volkswagen actually ran an ad with the picture of a tear streaming down the headlight when Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia passed away in ’95.

After Volkswagen rolls off the production of Beetle it is a fitting tribute.

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