Parents And Children: 17 Hilarious Photos Showing Funny Moments

The life of parents is undoubtedly very restrictive, especially when the children are still very young: crying, tantrums and minor injuries are the order of the day, but there is no shortage of moments of entertainment. Beyond the fatigue and exhaustion of caring for them and raising them, children can also reward mothers and fathers with great tenderness and scenes bordering on the comic. Adults grow small again with them, resulting in some seriously hilarious gags. Social media sites and online platforms are full of images and videos showing situations so comical that even the most cynical user will laugh: here are 17 of the most bizarre and funniest examples.

1.Who did this?


“My son would never put a toy down the toilet.”

2.Dine out


“I took my daughter for a nice dinner.”

3.Intense reflection


“My son thinks more about how to spend his 46 tokens at the prize booth than most people think about how to use life savings.”

4.The contortionist


“Old photo of my daughter. Came home from work one night and found her like this. I miss childhood, my back hurts looking at her!”

5.First day of school


“Today is my son’s first day of school. I handled the situation very well…”



“My daughter after realizing her fourth birthday is tomorrow and not today.”



“My daughter insisted on watching the cookies while she waited for the oven to heat up. She stayed like that for 10 minutes.”

8.Her Way


“‘Buy Dexter something to make him look fearless… That’s the solution my daughter came up with.”

9.Foot in the face


“How to Sleep with a Weed Killer.”

10.Action Man Changes His Life


“My children have inherited my childhood toys and only my daughter wants to play with ‘dolls’. Action Man now enjoys the sweet family life”.

11.Dream Homes


“My daughter had my wife’s phone on a long road trip. She ordered all the Barbie dream houses on Amazon.”

12.The New Bunk


“My daughter bought a new sleeping pad for her dog.”



“My daughter asked her dad for my picture where she strikes this pose. Now she’s convinced she’s a real superhero.”

14.Second day


“Second day of life and my daughter is already upset.”

15.The Cuddler


“My cat loves being held by my daughter.”


Riley Rhoad/Reddit

“I tried to take a selfie with my daughter…my hair got jealous I guess.”

And do you have any funny photos of times spent together with your children?

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