Nostril Hair Extensions Is The New Beauty Trend Apparently

It is an extremely unattractive thing when the hair coming out of the nostrils. So, people have used to depilate, cut and remove them in different ways.

But, nowadays some people have started having nose hair extensions.

The Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen used false eyelashes to create the look and then it all started and was quickly followed by many others.

This is going to be one of the strangest “beauty trends” of all time. This “#nosehairextensions” tag on Instagram is a big hit with hairstylists, with many women posting numerous photos showing their hairy nostrils.

This hashtag has been used more than 400 times on Instagram. Many people have shared photos and videos of trying to get this weird look.

But you need to think twice before applying eyelash glue on your nose. The Cleveland Clinic says that natural hairs in the nose have an important role to play as they are designed to trap dust and bacteria.

When you use the eyelash glue to stick the extensions of the nostrils it can damage the original hair and cause serious damage.

Many people try it and that the weird trend would continue, but they don’t think about the side effects.

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