Never Throw Away Garlic Skins

Most of the people in Russia never throw away the garlic skins. They collect them, store them and use them for everything to maintaining an optimal health and well-being.  According to research, the remedies prepared or including garlic skins are some of the most powerful rejuvenation remedies.  Garlic skins are successful and efficient in the treatment of problems with the bladder, kidneys, cardiovascular system and many more things.

The garlic skins are used to stay in a good shape, improve circulation, and most important of all, cleanse the bodies from all types of toxins by the Russian people. So, here we are going to explore the benefits of garlic skins in full depth:

  1. Body Detoxification

You can detoxify your body by a teaspoon ground garlic skin mixed with a cup of boiling water, then drained, cooled off and consumed. You should take this one spoon, three times a day for one month, before making a 10-day pause and repeating the treatment twice.

  1. Rejuvenation

Pour three handfuls of garlic skins, along with three cups of boiling water (after boiling) and keep it overnight, before straining it. Depending on your body size and weight consume two or three glasses a day for a month, or two.

  1. Preventing Colds and Flu

Inhale the smoke by placing handful of garlic skins on a heated pan. You should repeat this remedy every day for one week straight, and you can have the benefits such as strengthening your immune system, preventing and treating colds, flu and other common diseases and viruses.

  1. Helps Treat Diarrhea

Grind garlic skins in a coffee grinder and consume one small spoon of the powder if you have an uncontrollable case of diarrhea. Continue it for two days, but you should remember that this will only calm down your stomach, and not treat the problem.

  1. Inhalation

Take the skins of two garlic cloves, and place them in two cups of water, boil the water, and cook for another 5 minutes. Boil a clean peel of lemon while the water is still hot, and inhale the combination for 20 minutes covering your head with a cloth.

Children up to twelve years, pregnant people, and people suffering from diabetes, people with thyroid gland diseases, or people with hypotonic should avoid this treatment.

  1. Relaxation

You can relax the body, calm you down and normalize your breathing by this ancient folk remedy. Mix half a liter of honey, with the juice of five lemons and add a slice of five cloves of garlic grind in a meat grinder. Keep this mixture for a week, sealed tight, and after time passes, start to take 4 teaspoons once a day.

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