These Photos Prove That Nature Doesn’t Care About What People Want.

Nature is trying to be Michael McIntyre as it plays a joke on humanity. Even though it’s unintentional, there’s no one to say that nature isn’t having a little bit of fun with us just messing our heads.

Even though we continue to destroy it, it’s all in good humor.

Hurricane Ophelia flooded a meadow with apples in Ireland. Sweet Irony.

Apparently, nature thought it was a chilly day to work anyway, so piled up snow before the doors.

What do you do when your life insurance doesn’t cover natural calamities? Nothing, just wait for nature to cut out its path around you. Mother Nature, indeed.

Waterfall or ice fall? Certainly looks later, for it is frozen!

Tiramisu in Africa? Maybe, for the sand nicely covers the snow into a delicacy. Maybe Nature is hungry, after all!

The dying embers of the Sun; as it prepares to settle itself on the horizon? No, it is just the aftermath of Hurricane Ophelia.

Snow for photocopy? 3D models, maybe? For it certainly seems so.

Xavier knows what to hit, and what not to. Inspired by a certain telepathic X-Men, maybe?

James Joyce must be disappointed, for the snow didn’t fall on everyone equally, just a strip in Ohio.

This looks more like a #filtergoals, as the rainbow, and its twin glitters everything in gold.

As crazy as Van Gogh was, I presume he wouldn’t be able to fathom something else replicating his paintings.

Ireland is a weird country. A light drizzle and you have ducks in your bedroom.

Australians frequently see a cocoon of the VIBGYOR protecting them from the harmful Siths.

Kamchatka and the mysteries of the whipped clouds.

This looks like Hurricane Matthew wanted to show off it’s sculpting skills.

Have you heard of indoor showers? The kind that floods your office?

The irony is strong with this one. Places ‘casting pearls before swines’ on a whole new pedestal.

Steve Jobs is not resting in peace, it seems. Just that the apple isn’t bitten here. Marketing genius, indeed.

Store enough of them, and you wouldn’t need LED bulbs. Also, that’s its butt.

Thor Ragnarok gave a whole new meaning to Devil’s Anus, and this looks like the lavatory he goes to. At least he flushes regularly.

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