NASA Revealed Photographs Of “Then And Now” – This Is The Damage We’ve Caused To Our Planet

James Balog said that “I didn’t think that humans were capable of changing the basic physics and chemistry of this entire, huge planet. It didn’t seem probable, it didn’t seem possible.”

We can notice it and sense it. The world is warmer and has a lot of natural changes, but I cannot say they are the “good changes.”

The strongest observed in the Atlantic since Wilma in 2005 in terms of maximum sustained winds were Hurricane Irma. It was an extremely powerful and Catastrophic Cape Verde type hurricane and it did enormous damage.

2017 Central Mexico earthquake on 19 September 2017 with a magnitude estimated to be 7.1 and strong shaking for about 20 seconds was the dangerous one. It caused enormous damage by leaving 310 people killed, 273 of which in Mexico City and surrounding areas, and more than 4,600 injured.

  • The climate could change an additional 600 million people to under-nourishment by 2080.
  • Global temperatures will rise up to 4°C by the end of the century.
  • Ocean levels on Earth have raised an average of three inches in the last 23 years and it could swell an estimated three feet in the next century.
  • The human-made greenhouse gases have shown us the warning that we’ve seen in the last 30 years.

Inuit Elders Issue Warning To the World:

One of the major scientists that ever lived on the Earth, Stephen Hawking, has warned that we have probably left only 100 years on Earth and the one and only way of saving our lives from some extinction is setting colonies where ever in the Solar System.

In the photographs that can be found on NASA’s website, shows you how human beings have changed the appearance of our lives over the years.

“CHASING ICE” captures largest glacier calving ever filmed:

Sources used: 9gagNASA

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