Most Attractive Australian-Sudanese Model Looks Like A Real-Life Barbie

Once upon a time, Barbie, the famous doll brand had been a range all over the world. And these days we see body-positive Barbies in the order used as a way to break stereotypes. There’s also a real-life Barbie without being plastic. And she is not a woman who goes through complex plastic surgery and Botox treatments to look unnatural. Here is a natural-looking Barbie in this Australian – Sudanese model.

A Reality Check

Nyadak Duckie Thot is an Australian-Sudanese model who had come to New York from Sudan with a dream of conquering the modeling world. There were many magazines with her photos and she has become a famous model. She has all the requirements in a model, a great skin, a beautiful face and a perfect figure. In 2017, her life completely changed with an event.

Looking Different

She had a shot that amazed everyone in a photograph named ‘Duckie After Dark.’ It was unbelievable for her fans as she looked like a real-life Barbie. Viewers could not believe that the same model was on this cover, even though there are many photographs of her all over the internet. It was really hard to say that the same mode; was featured in any of the pictures.

The Secret Lies in her Skin

She has a rare distribution of melanin and it creates different colors on her body based on the way light falls on her. When the light is falling in a specific angle, she may look swarthy. And then when light falls from another angle, her color would change to ebony. Duckie Thot was the ‘Barbie Style’ girl we had never really thought could exist in real life coupled with the ideal face and figure.

Underrepresentation of Natural-Black models

Duckie too has faced her share of harassment as a black woman. Many people discourage her because of her skin color. And she was asked to keep her natural hair hidden. Even though it’s rather stranger, most black women were asked to cover their natural hair. If you want to check it’s truth you can go to Youtube video and see how many black women keep it down when it comes to natural hair tutorials. Duckie believes that hairstylists, media, and the fashion industry are actually responsible for this and it’s a strange stereotype.

Inspiration for Change

But, Duckie stands as proof against it. She could be dubbed as a real-life Barbie because of her natural hair and natural skin color.  She could appear in magazines to amaze all of us if she had covered herself up. Even though Duckie might be an inspiration, she alone cannot do everything. The industry must back her up as well as inspire every other black person who wants to be in her position. Duckie also wants the industry to start investing in natural-looking black women too.

Duckie tells us that if we really want a change, we should address the root cause – shame. So we need to accept differences and stop shaming one another. It will help us to build a positive world.

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