Many Singers Covered This Song, But You’ve Never Heard It Performed Like This

You’ll not believe that this was real and recorded without any audio editing.

There are many people around this world who are born with special abilities. There are great dancers, incredibly gifted painters and also incredible singers. They have just magical voice.

But here is a different case.

We can instantly recognize male and female voice just after we hear the voice. But Marcelito Pomoy has an incredible voice which took the attention from the social media. You won’t even believe that he can sing male and female voices.

The Filipino singer, Marcelito “Mars” Pomoy was born in September 22, 1984 who is the grand winner of the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent. He was known for his ability to sing in both tenor and soprano.

He has the ability to grab the audience attention to him. He has contributed to the name of Marcelito Pomoy by his majestic ability of tenor and soprano. From that he occupied the majority of listeners.

With his own voice, he has decided to make a duet cover and sang “The Prayer” to his audience.

You’ll believe that there are two singers performing once you hear this beautiful song.

Listen to this magical voice he sang on Wish Radio:

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