Losing a Pet Hurts More Than People Think

You may surely know that the joy and love pets bring you is not comparable to anything if you are a pet owner.

Pets are really amazing as they welcome us at the doo, waiting for us to spend time with them, they do many pranks to make us laugh and also they offer us, unconditional love.

When we feel blue or lonely, when we need comfort and a warm hug and when we are happy, pets are always there for us to make our lives truly beautiful.

This is why people worry s much to say goodbye to their pets. When you lose a pet it’s a traumatic and painful experience, as you feel it as the departure of a best friend.

But there are certain people who underestimate the pain felt after losing a pet. According to researches, the extent sorrow owners feel in these cases.

The study was done in the Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico. Pet owners were questioned about their feelings after the loss of their pet by the researchers and they all said that the pain has been too intense and deep.

According to the Hawaiian researchers, the pain after the death of a pet is much longer lasting than with the loss of a loved one.

Many people claimed that they cannot compare the pain they got after losing their pet to the loss of a loved one. This reveals that the pet owners are deeply connected with their loved pets and they suffer like they have lost their soul mate.

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