70 Year Old Widow Posts Newspaper Advert Looking For New Husband That Went Viral.

Being alone for a long time can make you feel uneasy and scared to start searching for romantic partners again. Remember, it’s crucial to always give people a chance to explain themselves before making any judgments.

As a result, I have decided to share an amusing article I stumbled upon, which revolves around a 70-year-old widow who placed a newspaper advertisement in search of a new life partner.

One day, while she was at home, the doorbell suddenly rang. She had no idea who could be standing on the other side. Keep reading the funny joke below and wait for the punchline at the end.

She created a newspaper advertisement…

“Wanted! Husband!” Must be in my age group, must not beat me, must not run around on me and must still be good in bed. Please submit your applications in person.

The following day, the doorbell chimed, and she opened it to find an elderly man in a wheelchair. She was surprised to see that he had lost both of his arms.

“You’re not really asking me to consider you, are you?” widow inquired, “I can’t believe it, you don’t have any legs!”

With a grin on his face, the old man said, “Therefore, I cannot run around on you!”

Saying, “You don’t have any arms either!” “She snorted.”

The elderly man grinned once more and declared, “Therefore, I can never beat you!”

To which she raised an eyebrow and inquired, “Are you still good in bed?”

The elderly man sat back and asked, “I rang the doorbell, didn’t I?” with a broad grin.

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