Little Girl Is Born With A Rare Birthmark On Her Face, Her Mother Shows Her Photos To Share Her Beauty And Uniqueness.

Each of us is unique and the small “flaws” do nothing but highlight the subjective particularity and characteristics that make us inimitable. Understanding it and enhancing the peculiarities that distinguish us is undoubtedly a strong point and a mother has demonstrated it to us: her daughter has a very rare detail on her face that the woman proudly showed on social media, with the aim of underlining the equally beautiful beauty rare of the little girl. We can only agree with her: she is wonderful! 

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Little Winry is just over a year old and was born with a rare and rather large birthmark on her face, which makes her even more beautiful. Her mother, Nicole Lucas Hall,’s mission is to celebrate her uniqueness. 

When her daughter was born, the woman was worried about her health, since no one in her family had ever had such a birthmark on her face or body. The new parents thought it might be something dangerous, but the doctors immediately reassured them that it was a mere aesthetic feature, with a risk factor comparable to that of a mole. 

The little girl was born with rare congenital melanocytic nevi which occur on average in 1 in 50,000 newborns. 

Once the initial apprehension was overcome, for Nicole and her husband the only important thing was to make Winry grow strong and self-confident, thanks also to the affection of her older brother Asher, who did not give any weight to the particular detail of his sister’s face. 

Nicole decided to tell her daughter’s story on the web through numerous images, under which there was no shortage of derogatory comments, to which the woman always responded calmly and gave valuable information. 

Most users, however, appreciated his photos and showed solidarity. Nicole wants to use social media to inform people about CMN, asking other parents to teach their children about acceptance of diversity. 

The parents fear that the little girl may grow up surrounded by criticism and judgment and for them the top priority is to educate her to love kindness and to become a warrior, reminding her of her beauty every day. Nicole and her husband’s wish is to see Winry grow up as happy as she is now. 

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