Let’s Know Your Remarkable Personality By Choosing a Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are also known by the name By the name of ‘Sacred Hoops”. This was mainly considered by the Native Americans to protect sleeping people as a means of averting night mares and to assure you a good sleep along with good dreams. The Native Americans considered that all the good and bad dreams are filled in the night air. Therefore according to them a dream catcher must be hung above the bed where the morning sunlight can hit the dream catcher directly and can collect all the good and bad dreams. Then all the dreams are attracted and collected towards its web and then all the good dreams are passed down towards the feathers and the sleeper gets a very comfortable. All the other dreams which are meant to be the bad dreams are then burned up by the light whole day.

These dreams catchers are very attractive, colorful and comes in all shapes and sizes and this can be made according to any preferable design. It is said that each and very design reveals something unique about your personality. Now let’s choose a dream catcher and see what your choice reveals about your personality.

#1 Dream Catcher

If this is the dream catcher you choose you are a very honest person. Your heart is very pure and clean, once you are comfortable with a person you get it easy to have faith in the other person. You are also a dependable person. You also want the other person to trust you as much as you trust him/her. This is happens because of the qualities you possess. You are a conservative, reliable and also a trustworthy person. You also are a very good thinker as all you know you should think twice before you say something which is a good thing. You also like to work independently at your own preference. You also are a genuine person and tend to be very sincere. You are always aware about your responsibilities and take them very serious. You also take care of others needs and wants because you consider them as your priority. They tend to be your close circle of friends. You also possess the quality of being sociable and friendly with all other people. Although you are very lovely and kind you must understand to love yourself first and then think about others.

#2 Dream Catcher

This Dream catcher signifies your innocence and cleanliness. You tend to be a very happy person and dislike to have sadness in your life. You only focus on what is important to you and people you love. One of your basic feature is Equality. You want to be equal with everyone and dislike to hurt anyone by purpose. This also shows how fair you are, your impartiality and also neutrality. Sometimes you also feel lonely and emptiness where you think these are your limitations and you are scared to come out of the box. You try to be isolated. Being isolated is not an option there are people who you love and who love you. Therefore, go out be social, try to share your ideas and show people who you are and who you can be. You are a very creative person and you try to execute whatever you do in a very clean manner. That shows the purity hidden within you. This can be a new chapter in your life.

#3 Dream Catcher

You are an optimistic extrovert. You are a person who is very social with your friend and you are the loud talker in your group. You are a very friendly person who loves to hang out with friends and go for outing whenever you are available. You are not an aggressive person you are very determined and assertive. You also love to arrange parties and all other social events and standing out being an uninhibited performer. Your good nature is the quality that all people around you are attracted towards you very quickly. They tend to find your very charming, sociable and a loving person. You also possess a positive energy where you go down to anything as do it from the bottom of your heart. You also like to be a show-off and loves everyone’s attention. Most people find you inspiring and likes to seek advice from you to sort out any issues. You love to be around people have fun and accept the people how they are and admire whatever a person has to say. You are also a self-motivator and know your path where you have to lead. You always love to go with your instincts.

#4 Dream catcher

You are a very understanding person. You understand others very well and respects others opinions. You also are very supportive, sensitive, subtle, sympathetic and also compassionate. You love to help other and to be with others whenever they need you, but as a result of your compassion other peoples comments and actions can be very hurtful than you imagine. Sometimes people tend to take advantages from you because of your kind heart just be aware of that. Rather than being extroverted you are introverted. And try to act out shy where you are totally the opposite. You love to be beautiful and also creative. You think a lot when you wear something or whether it’s something relating to home decoration. You want it to pop out of everything else. Where you want other people to admire it. You always love to spend your time in a fantasy world and try to see the rest of the world with same views. This can sometimes lead you to disappointments.

#5 Dream Catcher

Lastly but not the least, if you chose this dream catcher, this means you’re independent, determined and detached. You are strong-willed and determined. Once you’ve made up your mind about something you won’t go back and change your decision, no amount of persuading from loved ones can change your mind. You are non-emotional. You always like to keep distance with people and inspect them and their behavior. This finds easy to learn about a person very quickly. This means you don’t like to hurt yourself. You are a secretive person. You don’t like to share anything with outsiders. You hold all your happiness and sorrows within yourself. This is not a good thing. You are very methodical in your work. You want everything happen according to the way it is detailed and on the positive side, this helps you float above pessimism and worry warts. On the negative side, you have a tendency to intimidate others and rebuff good advice that comes your way. Prestige and power are very important to you.

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