Keep Your Sciatic Back And Hip Pain Under Control With 6 Stretches

Stretch to increase your flexibility and strengthening supporting muscles if you have some minor discomfort from overuse or struggling with the extreme back and hip pain of sciatic nerve irritation.

One of the major ways to decrease back pain is by stretching. If you want to keep your back strong and able to withstand your lifestyle, you should be flexible enough. You don’t need to pull your back muscles on basic lifting, as sciatica stretches help you maintain the flexibility you need. You can get the flexibility by stretching; it can also help to lower back pain and hip pain.

01. Camel Pose

You have to start this pose with kneeling, knees hip-width apart on the floor. Then place your hand’s palms forward on your lower back. Gently push your hips up and forward. Do it only far as you can. Bring your hands either one at a time or together to grasp your heels, peeling your shoulders down and away from your ears if you want to take the pose even further.

02.Wide Forward Fold

This can be done by sitting or standing. Start it by sitting on the floor with your feet apart as far as you can go comfortably, knees straight. Reach forward with both arms by rounding from your back. But be careful not to scrunch your shoulders into your ears. Then relax your neck. If you want to do this by standing, stand with your feet as far apart as they go comfortably. Then hinge forward at the hips by bringing your hands to the floor.

03. Frog Pose

You have to position yourself on all fours. Then, by keeping your feel together spread your knees as far as you can. Press gently down with your hips and if it is possible bring your chest and head to the floor.

04. Wide Side Lunge

In this pose you have to take a wide standing stance with your toes pointed forward. Then bend forward and put your fingers on the floor. Walk your hands over to one foot and start bending the corresponding knee while turning the opposite foot so toes face the ceiling. Continue until you’ve reached a full lunge. They repeat it for the other side.

05. Butterfly Stretch

This pose is one of the pose that we have leant on young age. You have to just sit on the floor with your knees spread wide and your feet touching at the soles and straighten your back completely. For a deeper stretch you can grab your feet and press your knees down gently with your elbows or you can simply press your knees down with the palms of your hands.

06.Forearm Extensor Stretch

Start the pose by rolling your shoulders back away from your ears and let the blades almost touch across your upper back. With the hand flexed down, put one arm straight out in front of you. Cup the back of this hand in your other hand and gently pull it back towards your body. Make your grip stronger for lifting safely and the you’ll feel the stretch in your forearm.

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