Just Let Me Love You When It’s Easy and I Will Love You Harder When It’s Not.

To Someone who’s Very Special

I’m not blind, naïve or neglecting. Even though I’m aware of your flaws and I don’t deny them. You will not be the same person that I think or what people tell me. Even if you are wrong to other people, I don’t care such things.

I know that none of us are perfect. I will know you more and see everything closer and clearer with time. It’s really intriguing knowing things behind the surface.

I like knowing things about you more and more. I also like exploring your thoughts and soul. Your bad stuffs are my favorites. Let me love you, and you’ll wonder how I see your good things even after all that bad stuff. I worship all the mistakes and your past as they made you who you are today. So, don’t feel ashamed and hide them.

Just let me love even at your worst days. I will always be there for you and offer you comfort. I will catch you when you fall like your guardian angel.

I don’t want to change you as I just love the way you are.

I will love you when you reach out to me. I will love you harder when you push me away.

I would make it better if you let me love you when you are stressed an overwhelmed. Let me love you and you won’t have to go through anything alone anymore.

If we are together, even in the hardest, you’ll feel comfort and I will stick to you forever.

I am your biggest fan, I love your strength and I believe that you can do anything. And remember that I am so proud of you.

I will never judge or suspect your intentions. But at any moment you want someone to talk; I will be there for you.

As you are perfect the way you are, I will never ask you to change anything. You may be not the best out there, but you are the best for me. Let me love you, the good you, the bad you, with all the great things and all the flaws.

I will love you when you are the light and I will love you harder when you are the darkness.

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