Judge Lets Stolen Dog Loose In Courtroom Find His REAL Owner (VIDEO)

One of the most viral minutes ever to be aired on the show “Judge Judy” is this courtroom case.

A heartbroken guy has filed charges against a woman, who claimed her dog was actually his dog which was taken from him.

The guy claims that the Baby Boy belongs to him. The defendant shows a range of paperwork and photos to Judge Judy to prove her case, where she insisted Baby Boy was rightfully hers. Even Judy knew something wasn’t adding up, she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

At last, Judge Judy ultimately decided that the only way to identify Baby Boy’s one true owner was to permit the puppy do so himself. The defendant brought the Baby Boy to the courtroom, and placed him on the ground to see who he’d run to first.

The courtroom was full in silence as Baby Boy come and was given all the control. The next happen was the most heartwarming moments that the internet had seen in a long time.

Here is the video below:

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