Japan’s First Woman Photo-Journalist, Still Shooting At The Age Of 101

One of Japan’s first woman photo-journalists is Tsuneko Sasamoto who was born on September 1st, 1914. She is also named as one of the country’s oldest photographers. She broke her hand and both legs last year, sadly because of that she had to stop taking photos. Sasamoto is now undergoing rehab and also photographing flowers for a project titled “Hana Akari,” or “Flower Glow,” which was done a tribute to friends who have passed away.

At the age of 25, Sasamoto became a professional photographer. She was recognized very well for her photos of pre- and post-war Japan. According to Zaikeinews, Ms. Sasamoto’s inborn curiosity has always driven her to work. Sasamoto said, “Pretty scared but curious, don’t like it but want to see it. I feel compelled to face the world and let people know what I see, just want to have the pictures taken…”

Tsuneko says, “It’s essential to remain positive about your life and never give up”

“You should never become lazy”

“You need to push yourself and stay aware, so you can move forward”

Dome in Hirosima after the bombing, 1953

Geisha School, 1951

Soho Tokutomi, 1957

Antarctic ship Soya, 1956

Politician Inejiro Asanuma, 1955

She’s also a very stylish woman

Shortly before Sasamoto’s 100th birthday, she gave an interview to NHK World:

source used: boredpanda.com

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