It’s Difficult To Date A Woman With A Big Heart And An Overthinking Mind, But It’s Really Worth

01 She Is An Overthinker With The Most Complex Mind

This woman makes up scenarios in her head that have nothing to do with reality as her mind works non-stop. It happens as she is overthinking and overanalyzing things because of her defense mechanism. She wants to protect herself from pain.

02 She Appreciates Your Effort

She sees your effort and appreciates it. You can’t satisfy her with lavish and expensive gifts. She only wants simple things in life. She wants to see your good morning texts, your face, and the way you make her feel.

03 She Will Challenge You

She will not laugh at every joke you utter. She won’t do or say things to make you like her. She always wants you to do your best and become the best version of yourself.

04 She Owns A Simple And Genuine Heart

She loves you unconditionally as her heart is pure and genuine. She gets hurt because she tends to trust people easily because of the depth of her love.

05 She Is An Amazing Listener

She listens to you carefully as she has a good heart. She thinks that communication is essential in order to have a good and healthy relationship. You can talk with her anything as she is an amazing conversationalist and gives excellent advice.

06 She Can Be Difficult To Handle

Even though she is someone difficult to deal with, she will be only yours when she falls in love with you. She will be your best friend, your lover, your confidant, your partner in crime, and your biggest support.

07 She Will Never Accept A Passionless Relationship

She won’t settle for anything less as she knows herself, has standards. She will never settle for a passionless relationship. You need to keep the fire burning between you, no matter what you do.

Try to hold on her if you have a woman like this in your life as she is a real gem.

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