Amidst Italy’s COVID-19 Lockdown Empty Canals Bring Swans, Dolphins, and Fish

Nature reclaims existence over areas where there are lots of people in a time of extreme social distancing. As we all know COVID-19 outbreak has changed reality. Italians are inside their homes to stop the spread of the virus. The streets are empty and tourism has ceased following strict isolation rules. The most important thing is waters in the canals are clearer than ever. Wild animals are coming back to the area with a stunt in pollution and human disruption.

There are many images shared online showing a thriving waterway system bringing swans, dolphins, and fish to Italy. Boat activity tends to pull sediment to the surface making the water appear cloudy and dark while the waters were never necessarily dirty. The waters is settling and providing nature with the opportunity to fully breathe because of the decrease in pollution and human activity.

The quiet roads and canals are thriving with wildlife as it is a country that attracts visitors and tourist activity. Due to this lockdown, we can see what is truly important. We have recently seen neighbors sing to one another via balcony tops. Now we’re seeing visitors in the form of fish, dolphins, and swans. These moments remind us of the ways in which nature shall also be respected even though the health threat should be taken seriously.

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