In Less Than 4 Minutes Dalai Lama Gives Truth-Shattering Answer About Life And Death

In the post about Bob Marley, we’ve answered this question. But, it won’t be sufficient enough.

What’s the meaning of life?

You may be doing the best job in this world; you may be having many zeros in your bank account. But, that’s not the life. Serve Others is the meaning of our lives which can be summed up in two words.

The example was inspirational, but presented in a very morbid way and it wasn’t while ago that I read it in a book that creped me out.

“Imagine going to a funeral. Someone passed away on 83 caused by heart failure (old age). You see all these people wearing dark and crying about this old fella. The casket is up on a scene and you need to climb three stairs. You try, but you can’t see the face of this old fella.

You are waiting for your turn to say goodbye in a row of 7 people. One by one they all cry above his head. Some say few words; some just stare as the tears keep falling on their cheeks.

You finally have your turn and you go up the staircase. You are blown away! You see yourself in the casket, and you are left there speechless. You feel petrified.”

After you get the last part of this exercise, it’s very clear and eye-opening exercise. It’s also very real, motivational and creepy.

We all going to die one day, according to the video below, our bodies “are like dirty clothes.”

We should change our clothes which mean our bodies. The best way to that serves others. If you can be compassionate and help people it’s the best way to clean your dirty bodies. And if you can’t help others, don’t hurt them too.

Here is a truth-shattering speech by The Dalai Lama and you may have never seen it before same as me.

I hope you like it!

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Thank you Dalai Lama for this beautiful video!

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