In Less Than 3 Minutes This Video Will Change The Way You Look At Life

It was a Wednesday; I was walking with my friend and planning about the weekend. I just asked him what his plans are for the weekend. He said that he would wait for a meeting on Tuesday and he will probably wait for that day and “kill time” over the weekend.

I was stuck with me for a few days and I couldn’t get “killing time” out of my head. I was even bit depressed and feeling low over that thought. Even though we are “killing time”, time literally kills us. A big episode of our lives may go and there would be no way back, by the time we retire.

This video will make so much sense to you too. Though I am still in the thirties and following money and security, I am not happy and fulfilled. We all stuck in the rat race and earning money. We may not even get out of the road. And what will happen if we had to work on a job we hate only for money.

We should wake up from the daydreaming.

We have to be present in the current situation and make more things to keep ourselves happy. You’ll never be happy if you only chase things. Over the things and people, we should set our goal higher.

Here is a short wakeup call for you!

Thanks to Unkle Adams for publishing this video and make sure to follow him on his Facebook Page!

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