In A Heartbreaking Open Letter, Doctor Explains Why He Checks Facebook Of His Dead Patients Before Notifying Their Parents

Death of our loved one is one of the hardest challenges we face in life. But we don’t think that this news can be emotionally taxing for doctors too. Even though they are the first ones to see the suffering families, they need to remain calm and professional.

An emergency physician at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, Louis M. Profeta, recently, shared a sad and touching story about breaking the news to a parent that their child didn’t make it.

Here is the full story below and learn why he always checks the Facebook profile of the patients that he loses. You’ll surely shed tears after reading this.

A doctor revealed that he always checks the Facebook accounts of his dead patients before breaking the news to their parents

In a heartbreaking open letter, the doctor explained why he feels it is his duty to “learn just a little bit” about his former patients

Medical staff at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, lift a patient from one bed to another after surgery to move him to the recovery room.

The doctor also described the devastating feelings that he faces whenever such a tragedy strikes

The open letter was not only touching but also eye-opening to some people.

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