How to Practice This Old Japanese Self-Relaxation Technique to Reduce Stress and Start Enjoying Your Life

Stress is something we all face in our day to day lives. Now a days people are busy with with so many things and don’t have time for themselves. Everyone must have a proper time table in life. If it’s only work and work. You will be stressed out.

What if I say that there is an ancient Japanese technique for reducing your stress level just only in 2-5 minutes! Well, don’t be surprised.

We will be sharing this self-relaxation method with you. You only need both of your hands to minimize your stress level. This is also proven to be very effective.

How to Perform This Technique by Yourself

Each of the fingers in our hand represents a different kind of emotion or feeling. Let’s see what they are,

The Thumb helps fend off emotions like worry and anxiety.
The Index finger helps you fight your fears.
The Middle finger helps control feelings of rage and bitterness.
The Ring finger aids in fighting melancholy and depression.
The Pinky helps relieve stress and boosts your optimism and self-esteem.

Here your ultimate goal is to balance all your opposing energy within your body. You have to start this by taking one finger at a time and grasping it with your opposite hand and wrapping each of your finger around it.

Next hold each of your finger for at least two minutes until you feel the pulse. It’s the way to know its working.

To aid in relaxation, apply slight pressure to the center of your palm with your opposite thumb and hold it for at least one minute.

If you try to practice this technique every day, your spirit becomes balanced, and also it enables you to deal with stress much more effectively. This video will be very helpful to understand it more Cleary. It will demonstrate you step by step.

I hope you feel the magic and will also remember to share this with all your loved ones.

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