How To Grow An Endless Supply Of Lemons In Your Home

If you would like to have a 100% organic and tasty lemon, with no chemicals, there are 2 ways for it.

When you grow lemons at home, you can clearly see the difference of the grocery stored lemons and homemade lemons. In the store lemons, the taste, the quality the freshness and everything are different. But in homemade lemons, there are no chemicals and will be fully organic.

If you grow them at home, it doesn’t matter if you are using their peels or add them to your tea. You have only buy a baby lemon tree, about 2 to3-year-old. You also have to buy a clay or plastic pot with poked holes on the bottom.  Remember to buy a bigger pot than the roots of the baby lemon tree as once it gets big enough, it will surely need a pot that is 17-20 inches in diameter and 12-15 inches in depth.

Put some stones in the pot to improve the airflow inside the pot and don’t forget to add some soil to the pot when you are planting the tree. If you also want to provide even better results, there are some soils are only made for growing citrus trees and fruits.

Let the plant catches the sunlight for about 8-10 hours a day. Your plant will destroy if you over water it. It needs about 6-9 months for the fruit to become ripe. The fruits are ready once it becomes the color as it should!

Here is how to grow a tree for a simple seed.

  • Don’t buy non-organic lemons as those seeds are not germinating, so, you’ll need an organic one.
  • Fertile potting soil, the one that has vermiculite, peat, perlite, and natural fertilizers.
  • Take a pot that is 6 inches deep, and 6 inches in diameter to plant it.

You’ll also need a pot that is 12 inches deep and 24 inches in diameter later.

  • Find a location that is sunny all the time or simply get yourself a grow lamp.

Here are the steps to growing a lemon tree at home:

  1. You have to use potting soil which is damp and moist, but don’t soak the whole soil.
  2. Fill the small pot 1 inch below the top rim with soil.
  3. Cut the lemon into pieces and take only 1 seed.
  4. Suck the lemon or pulp its surface.
  5. Don’t delay the plant process as it must be moist when you want to bury the seed into the soil. Plant the seed 1/2 an inch deep in the middle of your pot.
  6. Spray right above the seed a couple of times using the water in a spray bottle.
  7. You should cover the pot with a plastic wrap, and use a rubber band to seal the edges, and then poke a few holes in the plastic wrap with a needle.
  8. Put the pat in a warm and sunny place of your house.
  9. Spray some water often as the soil should not be left dry all, or use water it will splash through the holes. The soil should be moist a little all the time.
  10. Once the sprout starts to emerge take the plastic wrap off. It will happen after around 2 weeks. As the lemon tree needs a lot of heat from the sun, use a grow light if you need more sunlight.
  11. It needs to be at least 8 hours a day under sunlight and does it properly with organic fertilizer on daily basis as the soil requires being damp.
  12. Don’t keep your plant under the attack from insects or disease, take good care of it. You can protect the tree by taking off the brown and dead leaves from it.
  13. Now use the larger pot once the baby lemon plant is big for the small pot.
  14. Do the same procedure as for the planting in the small pot. It will also require proper watering, but not as much as the baby tree.
  15. Water it often without letting starve it.


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