His Daughter Refuses To Go To School And Her Father Makes Her Try A Real Job

When it comes to raising children, you always hear many contradictory opinions, not only from parents, who each have their own personal approach to education, but also from experts, especially from different eras. While in past centuries the education of children was always very strict and based on rules and duties, in recent decades the trend has definitely reversed. Education today is oriented towards supporting the search for one’s own personality and leaves a lot of freedom to children, who in some cases grow up overprotected and full of themselves, unprepared for the difficulties of adult life.

There are, however, some parents who are still attached to education according to strict rules and who sometimes give their children very harsh lessons, as in the case of this young Mexican woman who said she did not want to go to school.

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A Mexican father has shared the unique lesson he taught his daughter. The little girl told her father that she did not want to go to school and he took her to the streets to sell marzipan . “How much does marzipan cost? Go work as a marzipan maker,” the father said firmly. In the video, the young girl is filmed in the street, wearing what looks like a school uniform and holding a packet of marzipan candies. The father films her from the car as she stands in the street and repeats to her that she never said she didn’t want to study.

The girl seems very uncomfortable with the situation she finds herself in and in a later video, the man catches her sitting at her desk doing her homework, the box resting next to her notebook. It seems that the lesson served to convince her to study!

Some users supported this relative’s gesture, perhaps a little harsh, but in their opinion certainly very instructive. Others, on the other hand, accused him of going too far, as it was not necessary to humiliate him to teach him a lesson. Some even accused him of using his daughter to gain visibility and receive praise. These comments sparked a heated debate, which prompted the father to remove the footage from the web. This, however, did not stop the discussion, which continued after some images were retrieved by other users.

And you, what do you think, was this father too strict with his daughter?

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