Here’s Why You Should Always Leave A Coin In The Freezer Before You Leave The House

You may have notices that your digital clock is showing the wrong time when you are home after work or after a vacation.

You might think “certainly there was no power outage.” You simply cannot figure out how long there was no electricity even if there was.

It can last for a few days and will defrost food and deterioration. Foods will freeze again when electricity comes back, and you won’t notice that they were defrosted.

As some foods have a high risk of spreading salmonella and other harmful bacteria, this can be very dangerous.

Here is a trick to find out how long your freezer was without electricity. You’ll also be able to find out whether the food has gone bad by being too long defrosted.

You’ll need 3 simple things for this:

  1. A cup
  2. Coin
  3. Water

First, pour some water into a bowl and place it in the freezer to frost. When in the cup remains only ice put a coin on the top of the cup and returns it to the freezer.

When you come home after the vacation, you can check where the coin is before eating anything from the freezer.

It’s good to go if the coin is still at the top you. But, if the coin is now at the bottom of the cup, it means that electricity was out for a long time. That’s why the coin sank all the way to the bottom of the cup. So, it’s not good to consume the food from the freezer.

This is a brilliant trick and it’s easy to use and very useful when you go on a long trip.

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