Here’s What It Means If A Dead Loved One ‘Visits’ You In Your Dream

Every person experience dreams at night and they are a fascinating phenomenon that has interested people over time. Dreams can be ridiculous and silly often times. But there are some dreams more serious and vivid which also carry a meaning.

It’s a dream in which you are visited by a dead loved one if you see one dream that seems to always bring questions. What does the visitation mean? Is my loved one alright? Are they trying to send me a message?

The Science Of Dreaming

There’s only a little that science can tell us about dreams and their meanings. Dreaming is a way of processing emotions and people often dream about past events to review and evaluate the information.

According to the researches it says that every person dream for about 2 hours every night although many people don’t remember them in the morning. You can dream at any stage of sleep, but they are most vivid in REM sleep, which occurs about 90 minutes after falling asleep.

The Meaning Of Visitation Dreams

Even though there’s not much in science about dream-meanings, there are many psychic mediums have shared about their opinions of dream-meanings.

A visitation dream is a dream which a deceased loved one visits. According to the psychics these dreams can be in two categories, one is a visitation dream may leave you feeling comforted and at peace, the other it may cause you to feel dread and fear. In both cases, your loved one is trying to give you some message.

Peaceful Visitation Dreams

Some visitation dreams are full of peace, comforted and happy and your loved one may be trying to give you several messages.

Your loved one may be wants to let you know that they are okay and they have reached the other side and to tell you that they are pleased with the decisions you have made since their passing.

Sometimes your loved ones want to tell you that they love you.

Fearful Visitation Dreams

The other kind of visitation dreams remains the feeling of afraid or unsettled and sometimes carries a feeling of scary or upsetting. But, you should remember that not to feel anxious or apprehensive about them.

In this kind of dream your loved one will appear different from their normal characteristics, making them seem strange or off. They just want to give you a message of warning.

It will be difficult sometimes to get the message if your loved one does not speak to you directly in your dream. In order to best interpret what the message may be, it is important to pay attention to how you feel during the dream.

What If I’m Not Getting Visitation Dreams?

If your loved one doesn’t visit you, it means that they are in a bad place and they don’t love you. It can also mean that you are still mourning and processing their loss and are not ready for a visitation. It also can be that you are dreaming about them but you done remember.

You can try placing something of theirs like a picture of them, a letter they wrote or something they loved very much under your pillow before you go to sleep if you would like to be visited by a certain person in your dreams. By this they’ll know that you’re open and ready to hear what they have to communicate.

You also can keep a dream journal or a pen and paper at your bedside every night and record your dreams as soon as you wake up and lessen the chance of you forgetting them.


You should remember that these visitation dreams are not something to be afraid and anxious about. They just want to let you know that they are still caring about you and thinking about you just as the same way you do.

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