Here’s How To Recognize If Someone Is Jealous Of You

Jealousy is something that we all have experienced even at once in this life. Mainly, jealousy is something that is unavoidable in life. It’s completely a natural emotion and no one can ignore; so, there’s nothing to be embarrassed. This can happen in a relationship. Just think that your partner has a lot of friends of opposite sex you’ll definitely be jealous.

Jealous is a sense of fear of losing something or someone as experts explain. Most of the people avoid this happening as they think jealousy can make disappointment or even depression. If someone is jealous of you, they’ll try to mess your feelings and emotions. But luckily, you can stop it happening by paying more attention to the following 8 signs:

Fake Praise

They want to turn your back and they’ll fake praise until you do that. Once they did it, they’ll be more delighted seeing your expense. They even not say anything to your face as they don’t want a confrontation. They’ll also make you feel that they are proud of you, but still, they chatter behind your back.

They Downplay Your Success

They’ll always try and downplay your success. What you do may be a big thing, but they’ll tell everyone that it’s not a big deal. They don’t have any successful achievement in their life to brag on, so they only left with convincing others that you haven’t achieved anything.

They Brag About Their Success

You’ll surely here if a jealousy person achieves some success. Even if you have your own success to celebrate, they’ll brag about their success. By doing this, they feel more important than you. They love this feeling and they’ll do anything to keep it up.

They Imitate You

They’ll always want to be like you, so they’ll try to imitate you and what you do. They’re mad and will walk, talk and dress like you. So, don’t get upset about this. Be happy that the thing you’re successful in life.

They’re Highly Competitive

These people are very good at competing. They’ll do anything to prove that they’re perfect than you and others. Even though competition is healthy, but if they win, they’ll try to embarrass you by bragging it and that will be annoying to you.

They’ll Like Seeing You Fail

They love seeing others fail as they don’t like seeing others succeed in life. They’ll never say it to your face, but they really like seeing your fell.

They Love Gossip

They’ll be proud of you at the face of you, but they want to make fun of you behind your back. They’ll try to ruin you with false rumors and negative comments just to ruin your image by targeting people those who are friends as they respect you.

They Simply Hate You

The person who doesn’t like you will always be jealousy with you. If you’ve done nothing to deserve it, let them continue it. Go away from these types of people.

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