Here Are Some ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things People Have Spotted In Nature (40 Pics)

Mother Nature always ceases to amaze us with the things it has to offer us. It truly is a gift as we can stumble upon something unique every time we go for a walk in the forest.

Reddit users have shared some interesting things they’ve seen out in nature to the r/mildlyinteresting subreddit. You can see the most fascinating things people spotted in nature in the gallery below from trees that look like they have copper trunks to flowers that look like galaxies.

#1 My New Petunia Looks Like A Galaxy

#2 A Rare Desert Bloom In The Atacama Desert In Chile

#3 Mt. Fuji Today – Rare Lenticular Cloud

#4 Albino Deer I Spotted Walking Into Work Last Week

#5 Vietnamese Mossy Frog

#6 This Icy Bird Umbrella

#7 This Shadow From Two Different Trees In My Parking Lot

#8 Colour Gradient Moss

#9 The Smallest Maple Tree Leaf I’ve Ever Seen

#10 This Twisted Driftwood I Found On The Beach

#11 A Cherry Just Grew Alone In The Middle Of My Tree

#12 Sunflower Growing Out Of The Sidewalk – Parent Patch Visible In Background

#13 This Baby Grasshopper Army In My Friend’s Garden

#14 This Red Only Rainbow I Saw At Midnight In Finland

#15 The Parrot Waxcap Mushroom. Found Across Northern Europe

#16 This Tibetan Cherry Tree At My Local Park Looks Like Copper!

#17 Squirrel With A Blonde Tail

#18 This Sorry Sap Of A Rock Formation

#19 The River By Me Flooded, Then Froze, Then The Water Receded Leaving These Hovering Ice Shelves On The Trees

#20 This Morning I Found By Far The Smallest Frog I Have Ever Seen In My Entire Life (My Average-Sized Fingernail For Scale)

#21 This Tree That Was Burnt In A Bushfire Continues To Live

#22 A Whole Colony Of Fairy Inkcaps

#23 This Cabbage In My Yard Showing It’s Fall Colors

#24 This Tree In My Neighbourhood That Has 1 Branch Of An Apple Tree And The Rest Is A Normal Tree

#25 This Tree Grew Inside An Old Silo And Finally Made It To The Top!

#26 My Grass Is An Inch Lower…and Got Frost. My Neighbors Did Not

#27 This Geyser Right Before It Blows

#28 Left: A Painting From 1892, Right: The Same Spot In 2020

#29 The New Growth On This Fir Tree

#30 Beautiful Elephant Hawk Moth Found In My Garden, UK

#31 This Bird That Looks Like Danny Devito

#32 These Bunches Of Grapes Are Growing Into A…bunch Of Grapes

#33 My Wife Found This Tiny Skink In Our Garden, Some Much Needed Brightness On A Grey, Smoky Day

#34 The Way The Condensation Formed On My Blackberry Plant This Morning

#35 Every Year We Get A Single Red Rose Growing Through The Wall Of Ivy In Our Garden

#36 I Found This Leaf That Looks Like A Weather Radar

#37 Snow Had Just The Right Conditions So That It Rolled Up Like A Carpet

#38 Found A Face On A Tree Today

#39 This Cloud I Photographed From A Commercial Flight That Is Creating A Massive Shadow

#40 Close Up Of My Chameleon

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