Here Are Some Breathtaking “Bodyscapes” Made Out Using Only The Human Body

A photographer, conceptual artist, and food lover, Carl Warner creates intricate landscapes using unorthodox things, like food, furniture, and clothes. He decided to do a project titled Bodyscapes that runs into the next level using actual human bodies!

The artist said that he went to college to become an illustrator and found photography was a “much faster medium to work in.” according to Carl he has a passion for creating images using the things that people wouldn’t take a second look at and that he loves finding beauty in the mundane and the banal. The photographer added, “In creating landscapes from the contents of my fridge or building cities from seashells or car parts, I am more of a photographic illustrator who creates something from nothing, transforming one thing into another by simply composing and lighting.”

Carl used the human body to create mesmerizing landscapes in his Bodyscapes project. He sketched out the compositions before the photoshoots and after picking up the camera he noticed many new shapes and added them into his photos. He used both tungsten and flash lighting equipment to make the landscapes appear more realistic and finally it was an absolutely breathtaking end.

Here are Carl Warner’s stunning Bodyscapes.

Valley of the reclining Woman

Shin Knee Valley

Desert of Sleeping Men

Fingers Cave

Cut Throat Valley

Shoulder Hill Valley

The Sleeper

Elbow Point

The Cave of Abdo-men

Headless Horizon

Pectoral Dunes

Desert of Backs

Twin Peaks

Image credits: Carl Warner

More info: | Facebook | Instagram

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