Here Are 50 Unbelievable Balloon Animals By Japanese Artist Masayoshi Matsumoto

Masayoshi Matsumotois is a Japanese artist whom everyone would love at their birthday party. He is a balloon artist that has already made a name for himself.  But now he has more incredibly intricate animal and insect sculptures.

Matsumoto told Metro that, “I started making these seven years ago, I was really inspired by wildlife pictures and wanted to see if I could create realistic animals of my own.” These incredible sculptures take a minimum of two hours to complete and more complex project will take up to six hours.

His all works are stunning and the first thing you want to know is that this artist doesn’t use markers, stickers or any other supplementary material. He makes his multi-colored animal kingdom purely by blowing and twisting balloons.

  1. Phoenix

  1. House Fly

  1. Chameleon

  1. Octopus

  1. Caterpillar

  1. Snake

  1. Jellyfish

  1. Frog

  1. Jumping Spider

  • Siamang

  • Cockatiel

  • Bee

  • Ostrich

  • Skunk

  • Bat

  • Spider

  • Snow Monkey

  • Beetle Larva

  • Beaver

  • Rockhopper Penguin

  • Griffon

  • Rooster

  • Snail

  • Cicada

  • Centipede

  • Pellucid Hawk Moth

  • Crab

  • Kingfisher

  • Rabbit

  • Parrot

  • Proboscis Monkey

  • Luna Moth

  • Trilobite

  • Bush Cricket

  • Japanese White-Eye

  • Frilled Lizard

  • Squid

  • Cat

  • Lizard

  • Turkey

  • Scorpionfish

  • Cobra

  • Owl

  • Chubby Dragon

  • Capybara

  • Camel Cricket

  • Cassowary

  • Nautilus

  • Chameleon

  • Ray

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