Here Are 40 Times Cats Met Lizards And Turned Into These Amusing Pics

Here’s a perfect recipe for disaster, having a cat and a lizard in one room. Lizards are tiny, they move, and they can be easy prey for most felines who haven’t entirely given up on their wild instincts.

You’ll realize that things are not that easy from what you are seeing Bored Panda right down below. Four-legged hunters cannot any time soon surrender these cold-blooded lizards. On the other hand, lizards and cats are sometimes perfect friends.

The dynamic of such friendliness is like “there’s on one step from love to hate.” These are some of the most dramatic situations that stay in the line between what we call an enemy and a best friend from felines who are convinced they’re lizards, to lizards holding onto their chin for like, an eternity.

#1 My Colleague Made This Photo. Crouching Cat, Hidden Lizard

#2 Two Unlikely Best Friends

#3 My Cat Pretty Much Adopted My Rescue Lizard As Her Weird Scaly Kitten And The Two Are Inseparable. They Have Naps Together, Spy On The Neighbors Through The Window Together And Just Generally Hang Out Together Every Chance They Get

A certified cat behavior specialist and author of the book, Rachel Geller said that, “Saving the World, One Cat at a Time: What I Know About Cats – And Why You Should Know It, Too.”

Rachel warns that, “Cats have a prey drive that can be triggered by something that moves fast, and lizards move fast,” even if cat and lizard encounters may look funny to humans. She adds that “a cat may see the lizard as prey or something to play with,” and this can be dangerous for both the lizard and the cat.

#4 My Friend’s Cat Playing With The Lizard

#5 Stalking Lizards Is Tiring Work

#6 Rare Moment Captured This Morning As Our Cat (Who Is Very Shy) Booped Our Bearded Dragon (Who Is Always Sleeping Under His Rock)

“It can be lethal for a lizard to be bitten or scratched by a cat” first of all and on the other side, “lizards can be toxic to cats if the cat eats the lizard, but even if he touches or plays with the lizard.”

Rachel explained that “many lizards carry parasites that can cause digestive problems in cats and harm the gallbladder or liver” so badly that it may pose a threat to the feline’s life. Cats can also get salmonella from eating a lizard.

#7 My Cat Thinks He’s A Lizard…

#8 Fat Eli & Ron The Dragon

#9 My Friend’s Bearded Dragon Likes To Cuddle With Her Two Cats

According to the cat behavior specialist, if you want to keep both a lizard and a cat you should remember to keep them in totally separate and secure rooms. Glass tanks may not protect the cat from getting in, because “cats have been known to figure out how to get in there and capture their prey.”

Rachel says that they will figure out a way to get to the lizard once a cat’s prey drive is stimulated, and remember that they’re natural-born hunters.

#10 Took My Bearded Dragon To A Clinic I’m Interning At

#11 My Friends Just Posted This Pic Of Their Kitty And Their Bearded Dragon

#12 My Cat Brought Me A Lizard

#13 The Expression On My Cat’s Face Is Pure Ecstasy. Iggy Enjoys Lying On Him Because He’s Fat And Warm

#14 My Cat Has Been Looking Everywhere For This Lizard

#15 My Bearded Dragon And My Roommate’s Kitten Are Buddies

#16 My Friend’s Cat Likes To Catch Lizards… This One Caught Him Back

#17 My Cat Caught A Lizard And Had No Idea How To Proceed

#18 Today’s Top News From Isolation: A Lizard Is On The Fence

#19 Lizard Likes Warm Surfaces, Cat Likes His Back Scratched – Some Problems Solve Themselves

#20 A Lizard Caught My Cat

#21 Lizard Spotted

#22 This Is Why Cats Shouldn’t Play With Lizards

#23 There’s Something About Lizards And Cats Together That Makes Me Turn Into A Little Girl

#24 I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

#25 Shhhh… Be Quiet Cat, We’re Hunting Bugs

#26 So A Lizard Got In The House

#27 Just My Cat Cuddling With My Iguana

#28 Someone Asked Me To Post This Picture Of My Three Cats Here, I’m Not Sure Why

#29 My Cat Tried To Eat A Lizard So The Lizard Tried To Eat Him Back

#30 Eating Lunch Together

#31 Cat vs. Lizard

#32 Here Is A Lizard On A Cat

#33 “Undivided Attention” Brought To You By A Small Lizard On The Bathroom Window

#34 Turned Around For One Minute While Walter Was Out Running Around And He Got Himself All The Way Up The Door. He Is Such A Character. Minky The Cat Was Jealous

#35 My Cat Loves Her Buddy. She Constantly Wants To Play And He’ll Be No Part Of It

#36 Baby Bearded Dragon And Cat, Should I Keep Them Apart?

#37 They Want That Lizard Soooo Bad

#38 Lizard Gets Pushed To The Edge And Attacks My Cat

#39 When You Catch Dinner, But Dinner Catches You Back. The Lizard Bit The Cats Lip For Over 5 Mins

#40 Cat Playing With A Lizard

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