He Lives With A Tame Alligator Who Sleeps In His Bed: “He Loves Hugs”

The company of animals, especially pets, is loved and desired by most people. Not everyone likes to have them at home and the reasons can be more varied, but it is very difficult, if not impossible, to remain indifferent in front of the gaze of a doggie and to resist the temptation to give it a stroke. . However, this does not apply to the “little” companion chosen by a Mexican boy: in his case, in fact, it is not a nice little dog or a cuddly kitten, but a real alligator . , whom the young man puts to sleep in his bed.

Normally, crocodiles are feared by humans, but Jonathan Temminckii Morelett , 29, is definitely an exception. Indeed, the young man from Mexico describes himself as a great lover of nature, and more particularly of these animals and turtles. As proof, he chose a female alligator as a pet, which he named Gamora and who is apparently very fond of affection and hugs.

She walks quietly around the house and her behavior would be very close to that of an ordinary dog. “She is free to walk around the house as she pleases and spends her time lying on the armchairs or in my bed, she knows how to climb the stairs, she enters and leaves her pool whenever she wishes.”

Jonathan is aware of Gamora’s incredible ability to live with humans outside of her habitat: ” There are very few crocodiles that can adapt to captivity like her . The fact that she is such a docile animal that we can approach it without worrying is incredible”. For the choice of the name, the young man was inspired by one of the characters of the Guardians of the Galaxy, because at the time when he bought her, she was “a small green and aggressive animal”. The species she belongs to is well known for being aggressive in the wild and she, on the other hand, has a temper that has even allowed her to participate in videos and photo shoots as a model.”

Gamora also has two small chihuahuas as friends, as well as a few snapping turtles. Her care and diet require special attention, as does controlling the temperature of her home environment to keep her comfortable.

“As soon as I wake up I’ll check the digital thermostat to make sure the temperature is correct. Then it’s time to wash the filter, because he’s such a big animal and his diet is so rich that he important to wash it every day to avoid clogging the water. After that, I go to her basin to clean the dirt from the bottom and make sure she is okay. When she needs to eat, I let it thaw food in advance, but I make sure there is enough for at least 15 days”.

Jonathan’s girlfriend was also quickly taken with Gomora and got used to his presence without a problem. Would you have done the same?

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