Group Of Talented Teenagers Win The High School Talent Show With This Amazing Performance

Five people, (who are not Scottish) Nigel, Dylan, Matt, Elias, and Jordan WIN the Talent Show at Lake Howell High School with their incredible performances. You may think that they are having fun.

In order to restore and heal, where we can be free to connect with ourselves and others, here drumming present us with an overwhelming performance. Drumming is a universal language where we all can be a part of, free from words and concepts which leads to experience a life with an open heart.

The therapeutic effects of drumming accelerate physical healing and boost the immune system said the current research.

Drumming also reduces tension, anxiety, and stress helps control chronic pain, boosts the immune system, release the negative feelings, blockages and emotional trauma, according to the specific studies conducted by professionals in music therapy and mental health.

It’s also said that group drumming actually increases cancer-killing cells, which help the body combat cancer and many other viruses in the specific study conducted by Barry Bittman, MD.

Jordan Taylor Sloan writes at Mic, “Drummers can actually be smarter than their less rhythmically-focused bandmates.” “A link between intelligence, good timing and the part of the brain used for problem-solving,” said the findings of a Swedish study (Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm). As Gary Cleland puts it in The Telegraph, drummers “might actually be natural intellectuals!”

We all can see that these kids are natural intellectuals.

They are very talented in how to put the show and make the crowd enjoy their performance.

Thanks to Fernandiish for publishing this video, and if you love this video follow his YouTube Channel.

Watch this amazing video below:

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