Get Rid of Knee Pain Just by 3 Things and 3 Steps

Knee pain is a common symptom in people of all ages. As we all are aware that knee is a crucial part of our body. The joints in the knee must be in a healthy condition as the whole body almost relies on the joints of the knees. It may start suddenly, often after an injury or exercise. Knee pain also may begin as a mild discomfort, then slowly get worse. Knee pain can have different causes. One cause can be being overweight. This puts you at greater risk for knee problems. And also overusing your knee can increase your knee problems that can cause you an immense pain. If you are suffering from arthritis, then this is also a reason to cause knee pain.


The location and severity of knee pain may vary from people to people, it depends on the cause of the problem. Here are some Signs and symptoms of knee pain includes:

  • Swelling and stiffness
  • Redness and warmth to the touch
  • Weakness or instability
  • Popping or crunching


Knee pain treatment includes medications for relieving pain or treating conditions already present. Physical therapy may be ordered for sports-related injuries. Therapy retrains the body to function normally after an injury. This can be very helpful, but this can cost from many ways, spends more money, wastage go time taken for travelling etc.

Today I am going to share a medicine you can do simply at home. Surprised! Well, this is 100% natural remedy. This can be made at home very easily. This will minimize your pain in no time and let you live a happy life as before.

You will only need:-

  1. An egg yolk
  2. An elastic bandage
  3. 2 tsp. of salt

Step #1

Beat an egg yolk

Step #2

Add the salt and mix well

Step #3

Apply this mixture on a cotton and place it on your knees and secure it tight with an elastic bandage. Then let the cotton act for at least 2 hours and see the magic. You will feel your knee is getting better than before.

It is better if you can do this 4 times during the day. This works because of the magnesium present in the salt. This helps to reduce inflammation that causes pain in your knees. Egg yolk is also very rich in minerals and proteins that helps to reduce pain deep in your knee and also strengthens the bones, ligaments and tissues. Along with this natural remedy you can also use an ice pack to relieve your pain.

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