15 People Photoshopped Their Cats’ Faces Onto Bees And It’s Amazing

You are going to love these “catbees” once you see them.

Matt Hanczaryk of Tarlac, Philippines, has shared a photo that was edited by picture editing software by his sister Jessy. She has superimposed her cat Millie’s face on the body of a honeybee. It’s so weird and unexpected that it can bring a smile to our faces.

The post went viral on the internet overnight. Facebook group called Mysterious Cat found the priceless photo and the members couldn’t resist getting in on the action. They started to share their own edited catbees, and created a wonderful meme. Here are our 15 favorites.

This cat’s wry facial expression somehow fits in with those antennae.

The stripes match perfectly!

Fuzzy catbee coming in for a landing!

The derpy tongue takes this catbee to a whole new level.

This one looks a little too realistic for comfort.

Who knew bee bodies were so fuzzy and adorable?

“Meow, um, I mean bzzzzz…”

Those tiny little legs couldn’t possibly carry this chonk.

Is it adorable or nightmare fodder? We’re still deciding.

This one’s so subtle we almost didn’t notice the kitty.

The calico colors fit beautifully.

She’s just as startled by her predicament as we are!

Where can we buy one of these pets?

Just going about her buzz-iness. Nothing to see here!

Last but not least, why should cats have all the fun?

We thought cats and bees were as cute as they could be and we discovered a whole new species.

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image credit – Facebook

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