Follow This One-Week Diet Plan to Lose 15 Lbs Naturally at Home!

Here is an amazing diet plan to burn fat and shed pounds overnight rather than other diet plans on online which are inefficiency.

Diet Rules

  • Never skip breakfast. It is very essential.
  • Avoid using excess caffeine, soft drinks, and processed foods, filled with sugars.
  • Stop eating anything after 8 PM.
  • Measure the weight before starting the diet and after the diet and see how much pounds you’ve lost.

The Diet

Day 1

On the first day, you have to eat only fruits throughout the entire day. But, banana is forbidden to eat. Eat fruits as much as you like.

Day 2

On the second day, you have to eat just vegetables throughout the day, whatever you like. Start with some cooked potatoes which are rich in carbs. You can eat vegetables fresh, steamed, and boiled, by making a soup or salad.

Day 3

On the third day, you have to take both fruits and vegetables. Without potatoes and bananas, you can eat anything.

Day 4

On this day you have to only take bananas and milk. You have to take 3 glasses of milk and eat up to 10 bananas.

Day 5

On this day, it’s a feast for you as it’s a lean meat day. Prepare some fish or lean chicken and mix it with some tomatoes but not more than 8 pieces. You should also drink 12-15 glasses of water during the day.

Day 6

On this day, you should eat red meat and vegetables. Take as much as you like.

Day 7

On the last day, you can mix some cooked brown rice and steamed vegetables. You can also take one potato as well as some fresh fruits.

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