Flower Girl Dances In Front Of Everyone Then The Song Changes And They All Lose It

We have many memories in our lifetime and one of the biggest things is to remember our wedding day. You may have prepared for months or years for your big day, and when it finally arrives, you want to make sure that everything is perfectly happening. It is really important for you to plan your wedding. It may be just as important to you if you have been asked to help plan the big day for somebody else. It’s seen when a young girl is asked to be a flower girl on the wedding day. It gives the little ones a responsibility to carry flowers and also it gives the opportunity to feel like a princess.

Even if they are very young, some take their role naturally. There can be some, who are not quite up to the task. It’s like the pressure of walking down the aisle, which is enough to get anyone a little jittery. They can look forward to the reception where they can let off some steam if they can make it through that moment. Here the little girl is doing just that when she hits the dance floor. She enjoys herself immensely and everyone who is looking at her gets more surprised.

The first song which was selected was Baby by Justin Bieber. She dance on her own and she moved out of the way and took control again when a grown-up tried to join her on the floor. It seemed as if she wanted to have the floor all to herself.

The people were having so much fun looking at this young girl. It wasn’t long before things tool a turn for the better.

The DJ changed the Baby song to Gangnam Style. It seems as if she was waiting for that song.

Some people are enthusiastic when they dance. But this girl just could get enough of it. Even though her satin bow came off in the middle of the dance, she didn’t miss any beat.

When she starts to dance, she knew that there was nothing to stop her. Everyone was having a great time with this and they all were busy in taking videos.

She was doing spins and jumps when all were cheering. She wanted to show all of them her talent and her special dance moves.

Her parents will surely have a hard time keeping her from the dance floor when she’s a teenager.

Here’s the video of this little girl:

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