Fast Weight Loss Tricks (That Are Healthy)

Here are 20 Natural and Healthy ways to lose weight:

Let’s get going:

1 Keep a food journal

According to various studies, people who keep a food “diary” eat about 15 percent less calories. You can alter your eating habits by a tangible record of your food intake, which is likely to contain some unsavory items.

2 Get in with a support group

You can have a great benefit when you are having a person or group of individuals who support your goals, whether online or in-person. The American Psychological Association (APA), social support makes it “easier to stick with a weight loss plan…share tips on diet and exercise and (find) an exercise buddy.”

3 Water and more water

In the morning, drink more and more water. The average American consumes approximately 25 pounds of soft drinks annually.

4 Forgo a daily treat

In order to have a lifestyle-based weight loss, you need to have some self-discipline. If you can forget your “midnight snack” or “guilty pleasure”, you can prevent adding (at least) a few extra pounds each year.

5 Less TV, more results

Instead of that scrumptious treat while watching on our favorite show, go for a light walk or jog instead.

6 Clean or scrub something

Clean or scrub a bathroom floor, inside or outside of a car, windows, anything in order to have cleaning burns calories.

7 Deny the “hunger impulse”

We all need to have that fatty treat out of habit. You can know when you need to eat as the actual physical hunger stimulates hunger hormones.

8 Take the stairs for 10 minutes each day

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the frequent “stair-takers” burn five times more calories than their counterparts who use the elevator. This figures out to 10 pounds!

9 Take a short walk every couple of hours

Take a brisk 5-minute walk every two hours, and you’ll have 20 minutes of aerobic activity in your pocket before even stepping out of the office.

10 Ease of the additives

Instead of anything with corn syrup, fructose, or sugar try sugar-free versions of the food or grab a piece of fruit.

11 Close the kitchen

After supper, keep the kitchen closed for 12 hours and you can lose about 31 pounds of calories a year.

12 Take a brisk walk before dinner

A University of Glasgow study says that,“(walking) before a meal reduces the fat levels in the blood and improves the function of the blood vessels, even in the individual has a high fat and carbohydrate meal.” A walk before supper almost increases the sensation of fullness.

13 Eat most meals at home

You eat large portions of unhealthy food from restaurants and other places. So, avoid it and eat at home whenever possible.

14 Use a plate

Don’t use a platter or spaceship-sized dish. We’re less likely to reach for food if it isn’t there.

15 No “supersizing”

Order the smallest portion of everything rich in fat or calories and a large portion of salad or veggies instead of fries during the occasions when you do treat yourself.

16 Load up on veggies

You don’t think about vegetables when considering culinary options. But, well-prepared veggies are packed with nutrients.

17 Eat more (healthy) cereal

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is not a viable option for this. You can go for cereal (or oatmeal) rich in fiber and other healthy ingredients. Grape Nuts or Original Quaker Oatmeal are excellent choices.

18 Leave the bread alone

A Harvard University study says, “whole grain intake was associated with up to 9% lower mortality and up to 15% lower CVD-related mortality. ‘CVD,’ more commonly known as cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally.
Obesity dramatically increases the risk of CVD. Opt for whole grains instead.”

19 Change your milk type

You have to change to 2 percent if you drink whole milk, and change to 1 percent if you drink 2 percent.
You’ll have reduced the fat content by 95 percent compared to whole milk once you have the developed the acquired taste for skim milk.

20 Brush after every meal

A psychological method for losing weight is brushing your teeth after every meal. It’s also a very effective method. This habit tells your body and brain that mealtime is over and it less appeases the “hunger impulse”.

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