An Eerily Realistic Facehugger Face Mask Was Created By An Artist

We met different types of unique masks created by artist before. But, leatherworker James of Pirate’s Leatherworks has a new invention. He created an eerily realistic face mask inspired by the facehuggers from the 1979 classic Alien to protect himself from the coronavirus. Those creatures latch onto your face and shove their eggs down your throat. It’s also a little less slimy and it’s just as functional as it is creepy.

A creepy face mask inspired by the facehuggers from Alien was created by Leatherworker James of Pirate’s Leatherworks.

Image credits: James, Pirate’s Leatherworks

He said he made the mask using a pattern he found on Etsy in a recent interview with Bored Panda, “As a professional leather worker and carver, I wouldn’t normally use bought patterns and was dubious about spending a whole £14 on myself, but I saw it and thought that it’s for me and I could have a laugh walking around the local supermarket with it on.”

It’s mandated to wear face masks in the UK. So, James decided to try something unique instead of wearing a regular one.

Image credits: James, Pirate’s Leatherworks

It needs time and skill to create a mask like that especially since it consists of a whopping 59 separate parts. But James only took three days to finish the mask.

The mask consists of 59 separate parts and took James three days to make

Image credits: James, Pirate’s Leatherworks

He makes more of them and you can get one yourself on his Etsy store

Image credits: James, Pirate’s Leatherworks

These masks take about 2 to 3 sq ft of leather to create. He sells them for £130 ($170) on his Etsy store and buys a new pattern each time so that the designer gets something out of it too. After making so much of masks, the leatherworker now finishes one mask in two days.

When some people complained about James’ masks being too expensive, he said that he doesn’t even charge the hourly rate he normally would because that would make the price double. “So, I have to work for as cheap as possible in order to get any orders and to compete with those making them as a hobby rather than a living.”

One of the masks is about £130 ($170)

Image credits: James, Pirate’s Leatherworks

James said, “So far, the public’s reaction has on the whole been rather good. A few people were taken aback and a couple were rather scared, but most don’t know the film Alien with it being made in ’79, but on the whole it’s been a good response, especially on the internet. I must admit, it has gone absolutely mental and I never thought it would be as big a hit as it has been.”

People were both scared and taken aback when they first saw James’ mask.

Image credits: James, Pirate’s Leatherworks

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