Don’t Throw Your Fcking Trash

In 2001, I left my home country and was in overseas for 17 years. In 2018, I returned home.

I was shocked with what I saw. It was not like this before I go. All the country lanes are full of trash. People used to throw their garbage bags out of their car window and they don’t even care about it. All over my home country, I only see trash everywhere. The trash ends up in the soil, air and also in the water. When the trash is added to rivers, they end up in the ocean and many animals eat them.

The site crews cleared up this trash but the general attitude of purchase-consume-discard is rampant. Most of the people don’t care about this matter. But there are also some people who really do care.

People are doing a terrible job. You have to remember that the things you do to the environment is you are doing it to yourself as it ends up back in the food chain. If we don’t fix this now our future generations are going to curse our memory as “those guys who destroyed the planet and left it for us to clear up.” We should take action right now.

I will be surely reporting you if I see you tossing trash out of your car window and I have dash cam. You can’t even think about it because I might be behind you.

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