Do You Ever Wake Up and Can’t Move? This is Why!

Here is a fact that is very strange but actually happens to lot of people including you. You may have wake up, opening your eyes while you are sleeping and still you know your surroundings and can sense everything just like when you went to bed.

But then, your mind catches up with you and makes you aware of something weird and uncanny. You are unable to move your body, even your mind has woken up. You’ll feel that an unnatural feeling of pressure and burden crumpling your chest. You may not be able to respond to anything when you understand what’s happening with you, that you can feel, smell, and hear everything around you. This also leads you to massive panic attacks. Since you finally get it that you are living through a real nightmarish situation your knee-jerk reaction is an absolute terror.

Many of the people think it as a pure imagination hearing such horrifying accounts. It’s a kind such as mindboggling works of Stephen King but is affecting many people. According to the victims, it is a traumatizing experience and is called as ‘waking up dead’ or ‘being awake in a nightmare.’

Sleep paralysis is the work given to this phenomenon and this as baffled mankind for centuries. No one has found the pertinent cause behind this occurrences even there are many such incidents found. They resorted to spirituality and esoteric discussions to impose meaning, understanding and justification upon it as there are most things unknown and mysterious to man. But scientific research has explained this entire situation, giving us answers about a crisis that is strange; plaguing the lives of thousands daily.

REM sleep problems are the cause for the problem of sleep paralysis. Your brain stills and freezes the body to prevent you from physically expressing your dreams while sleeping when you’re having REM sleep.

This experience is very normal and called as REM atonia. It’s really strange and scary when awakening up while physically undergoing the REM atonia. Sleep deprivation, jet lag, migraines and disturbed sleeping patterns, are the main causes behind sleep paralysis.

There are also many psychological issues that can lead to sleep paralysis such as anxiety disorders, extreme stress, traumatic experiences or addiction issues like alcoholism and drug consumption.

You might experience sleep paralysis and endure a lot of stress and pressure which you have not managed to channel out properly if you have not been taking care of yourself physically as well as mentally. So, take immediate precautions to stop it.

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