Do Not Rush into a Relationship Until You Meet a Guy That Does These 70 Things!

Stay patience until you meet a man that does the following things:

He’s not afraid to mention that “I love you”.

He is aware of your flaws and limitations and still loves you.

He’s not afraid to call you his girlfriend.

He orders you food, though you say you aren’t hungry.

He sometimes says affirmative to you.

He’s dependent on his career.

He helps you to get additional sleep by creating you breakfast in the

He doesn’t mind that your hair is in his face after you sleep along.

He doesn’t mind that you just sleep in his place of the bed.

He doesn’t mind that you just take the blanket.

He touches you subtly beneath the table. He touches your back when you stand next to him.

He makes you perceive why your past relationship failed.

He helps you grow as a person.

He encourages you to do new things, visits new places, strives for new foods, etc.

He encourages you to step outside your restful zone.

He has anything to say.

He sends you funny text messages that cause you to

He apologizes once he does something

He likes you whenever you’re in a tee shirt together with your hair force

He tells you once he’s proud of

He doesn’t cause you to question how he feels about

He typically asks you how your day was.

He travels long ways to see

He doesn’t change the station even though you sing too loudly in his car to songs he doesn’t

He desires to hold out together with your

He makes sure you text him once you get home after going somewhere.

He remembers the main points you tell him.

He values honesty and trust.

He takes you to his favorite places.

He doesn’t cancel constantly, however, makes it up to you once he will.

He’s there for you once you want him the foremost.

He respects your privacy.

He tries to resolve every argument and doesn’t go forth.

He makes deep emotional conversations with you.

He makes you happy when you’re unhappy.

He teaches you while not making an attempt to belittle you.

He doesn’t get jealous.

He admires the life you’ve got outside of your relationship.

He keeps you heading in the right direction together with your own goals.

He encourages you to become a higher

He kisses you publically.

He reaches for your hand, whereas you’re taking a walk.

He reads your facial expressions and visual communication and is aware of when there’s something wrong.

He desires to be told what you prefer in bed.

He kisses your forehead.

He pays for your cab.

He sees you in his future plans.

He calls you only to see what’s happening with you.

He takes care of you after you are

He doesn’t push for sex.

He supports everything you are doing.

He responds to your texts quickly.

He introduces you to his best friends.

He drives you to places.

He thanks you for an honest

He introduces you to his family.

He desires to meet your dad.

He walks you to the door.

He continually carries a hanky, ‘just in case.’

He stands on the outside of the walkway.

He picks up the check.

He permits you to order first.

He stands whenever you excuse yourself from the table.

He holds your jacket.

He pulls out your chair to sit.

He holds the door open for you.

He invites you to grab coffee at the hours of darkness.

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