Depending On The Butterfly You Choose, It Will Reveal The Hidden Side Of Your Personality.

They say that butterflies are symbols of freedom and beauty and that they are capable of telling us a lot about the most hidden aspects of our personality, is it?

In addition, it is also said that these symbolize change and speak about the positive that could happen. But while it is true, our subconscious comes to symbolize them in many ways, perhaps depending on their shape, their compositions and colors.

This incredible personality test will surely fascinate you, you just have to choose the butterfly that most attracts your attention and then look at the bottom for what it has to say about its hidden personality, are you ready?

1.You are a logical person

It not only symbolizes logic but also wisdom. In general, those around you turn to you to receive your good advice or your criticism, because you are an honest and transparent person who does not mince words but who knows how to express himself so as not to hurt anyone, your intention is that others come to their senses, you respect emotions because you know how valuable they are.

You always try to separate your feelings from what they can talk to you about and you don’t allow yourself to get too involved, you know how to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. You are a person with impeccable morals, you like to make yourself known but for good deeds, although in general you prefer discretion and keep a low profile. You are in favor of doing things well and correctly because you do not like to stain your conscience, having peace of mind is one of your biggest concerns.

2.You are a creative soul

You are a person who looks at beauty everywhere, where a person sees the most basic, you are capable of doing a thousand wonders. You deeply analyze each thing, each person and each event around you because it is your way of better understanding life and the world around you.

You like to do what corresponds to you with great care, dedication and perfection, no matter how long it takes you to do it, you believe that something good in the long term is better than doing things badly in a short time. Sometimes you can show a certain addiction to work and it would be good if you also dedicate time to your personal life, your relationships and yourself. In general, you always try to see the good side of everything, even the smallest things because you believe that in the end they are more significant.

3.You are sensitive and honest

Your main characteristics are sensitivity and honesty. You are a person capable of showing empathy with everyone around you, you always show compassion even for those you don’t know, you know how to put yourself in the place of others thinking about what it would be like to be there and you help unconditionally when something is in your hands. You get carried away by your emotions easily and you care a lot about the needs of others, and although this is okay, you should also think more about yourself and not neglect your well-being so much.

Usually you are someone who rushes to help but remember that there is nothing more important than rescuing yourself from time to time, solving your own problems and putting your own feelings and emotions in order, helping others excessively will not make your life resolves itself, remember that.

4.You are enthusiastic

You characterize yourself as a fun, enthusiastic and very cheerful person. You like to see those around you happy and you always try to make them smile. You always look for the positive in everything, even in what is not there. You venture into experiences because you believe that life has no meaning without them, you fear boredom and that is why you are always in constant motion, undertaking projects and doing a thousand things at the same time.

Your motto is that life is too short not to live it to the fullest but you venture so far that your occupations are postponed and although you manage to fulfill them, they are never on specific dates. You want to cover a lot but you already know the saying. You need to take everything more seriously and calmly, not lose sight of what is valuable and never lose the enthusiasm that characterizes you.

5.You are peaceful

    You are a peaceful person who does not like to have problems with anyone, you are calm and you like to lead the party in peace. You always try to maintain balance in all aspects of your life, both professional, personal and sentimental, because you think that nothing like this to enjoy good mental health. Also, you think that balance is the most important factor in finding happiness in life.

    Sometimes when you find yourself in unpleasant situations or with which you are unfamiliar, you can easily lose faith and panic, but this is not something that people can easily see because they are emotions that you prefer to hide so that they do not fall before others the image that people have of you, you like to keep up appearances and face life alone, remember that sometimes it is good to lean on others, take advice from others or ask for help, this does not detract from your value.

    6.You are ambitious

    You are a person who knows what he wants and goes after it. You have great ambition in life, your goals are set and you fight to make your dreams come true. You have rarely let yourself be defeated in life and these occasions have been of great learning for you. Whenever you have a purpose, you do everything possible to fulfill it and excel in everything you undertake.

    You like the admiration of others but not as much as your own. You are so obsessive with work that your personal life is left aside, even the people you love the most and although sometimes you usually compensate them for the time you don’t spend with them, it would be good if you took a breather and enjoy what is truly valuable in this life. .

    What was the butterfly you chose? Do you agree with what he says about your personality?

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