Deaf People Show How To Swear In Sign Language, And It’s Shamefully Entertaining

Even deaf people can swear same like us, and in a little more discreet way. Here the YouTube channel Cut has helped us all join in on the fun by posting a video in which 7 deaf people show how to say all of your favorite curse words in American Sign Language. You’ll feel that it’s so much fun.

Some of the ‘colorful terms’ probably shouldn’t be acted out in public places and they involve pretty straight-forward hand charades. The others can be subtle and could be mistake for a variety of meanings. There are also some that can be involve manually spelling out the word using alphabetical signs, deciphering it completely to the untrained eye. You’ll feel that this is the useful piece of education you’re likely to get today and feel like checking out more Cut content.

Here’s a video for you, you can try them all in front of your computer screen. But, make sure any deaf family members have left the room first.

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