Dad Turns Board Games Into Sheets To Help Children In Hospital Pass Time

Hospitals are really boring, and it’s a terrible experience to being tied to machines, IVs and having to lie in bed all the day. Old people may find a way to entertain their selves but, young children will feel difficult to stay in one place all the day. Being sick is really tough and the dull rooms also makes it harder to stay there. When small kids are hospitalized, they don’t understand what to do and they are unable to play with their toys and have to stay all the day on the bed.

Kevin Gatlin is a father from Charlotte, North Carolina has decided to help out after visiting a friend’s child in the hospital. He has decided to give board game bed sheets to all hospital.

His family inspired the idea to turn board games into bed sheets in the hospitals. Gatlin told Bored Panda “Because of space, my wife would use our son’s bed as a desk but it wasn’t until I visited a friend whose son was sick in the Hospital did I realize that there was very little stimulation for kids confined to their Hospital beds and rooms.”

Gatlin’s ideas turned into a company called Playtime Edventures after thoughtful consideration, planning, and consulting with teachers and family doctors. “With the help of passionate teachers and parents, we created Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets. Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets extend the play area of the room and provide kids with a place they can play, learn, sleep and heal on! We quickly realized our Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets and Slumber Bags was exactly what the Doctor ordered for kids everywhere! With over 50 interactive games they provide the perfect daytime/night-time alternative to excessive TV watching, electronic devices and boredom. And the perfect structure to encourage kids to go to bed!”

He spent over 2 years to design the sheets.  Now, kids in has the ability to choose from 50 interactive games printed on sheets of their bed linens. The creator said that, “It truly took a team to create the bed sheets. I tell people I was just the creative one with the idea! My wife, my mom, and 5 teachers help me create the interactive bed sheets for kids.”

Anyone can buy the Playtime Bed Sheets for their own children and also anyone can donate those bed sheets for anyone who needs them.

The company wrote on their website, “As a company, our commitment is and always will be to children and communities. We currently partner with the Children’s Hospitals, Women Children shelters, and Internation relief organizations across the world! We believe that our bedding products create a calming distraction for children forced into safe places because of circumstances out of their control.”

People have helped to deliver around 3000 sheets for the people who need them according to the Playtime Edventures website. The company gives the ability to people to choose a specific organization or an individual you’d like to help.

Doctors, parents, and children have given positive response to this project. Check out the company’s website to find out how you can help them.

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