Concerned Baby Elephant Rescues A Man She Mistakenly Believed Was In Danger

As we all know, human beings are the most evolved species on the planet. But, it goes without saying that some animals are also quite intelligent.

We can learn lot of lessons from animals. That may be proving their loyalty as our beloved pets or teaching us how to survive in the jungle.

These animals have a lot of lessons to teach us and if we could pay more attention to them, we can learn them.

These animals give us unconditional love, kind without reserve, love us regardless of our faults, give us genuine affections and especially empathetic to those in need.

The following video shows a baby elephant getting away from its herd to help a man.

Since 2015, the baby elephant, Kham Lha has been living in the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She has a strong bond with the co-founder of The Save Elephant Foundation, Darrick Thomson.  Once he saved the elephant after being tied up as well as forced to undergo cruel training to prepare her to work in the tourist industry and then this bond began.

The bond between Kham Lha and Darrick Thomson became a special one and gained too much attention.

She was grazing on the banks among the river along with the other elephants and saw Thomson in the river. As she thought he was drowning in the water, she rushed into the water to save him though he was actually swimming fine.

She was sheltering Thomson with her body and gave her trunk for him to hold on.

It was really heartwarming and pretty remarkable how the baby elephant saves Thomson.

Love animals and they will surely be with you when you really need someone.

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